Cleaning – This type of maintenance pruning can be done at any time of the year and it involves the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, low vigor branches and excessive water sprouts from the tree’s canopy. This benefits the tree and makes a safer environment for people and property in the vicinity.

Thinning – This type of pruning is a little more subjective. It involves the selective removal of branches from the canopy to reduce its density in order to improve light and air penetration. This can help to reduce storm damage and certain pathogens due to the increased air flow.

Raising or vista pruning- This type of pruning removes the lowest branches to improve clearance for pedestrians, structures, and vehicles, or in certain cases, to improve a view.

Reducing- This type of pruning can reduce the height of a tree, and/or the spread. It is very important to note the difference between proper reduction pruning and the improper practice of topping. It's unrealistic to attempt to dramatically reduce the overall size of a large tree and expect positive long term results. Please contact me to discuss the limitations of reducing and the hazards of topping cuts.



The last resort. If the tree is dead/dying or damaged beyond repair, if the wrong species is in the wrong spot, or to make way for construction or improvements, removal may be the reality. As mentioned before, I have certain advantages as well as some limitations as a climber in comparison to an aerial device. The primary advantages are greater accessibility and an immensely lighter footprint. Remember, trees are a renewable resource- we should plant a few new ones for any that must be removed.


In keeping with my niche of high accessibility, my stump grinder is very narrow measuring a little under 30 inches in width. Most competitor’s models are 36 inches or greater. Also, the wood chips that I produce are quite fine so that they incorporate very well with the soil.


Tree care begins even before the hole is dug. I can discuss the factors to consider when selecting a suitable species, as well as what to look for when choosing the specimen from the nursery. All new plantings will be mulched properly and follow up care will be outlined. 



In the past when trees needed support, steel cable, screws, and rods were always used. Steel still has its place when movement should be limited, but some situations benefit greatly from a non-invasive dynamic solution. Contact me for more information.

Mulch (Wood Chips)

I produce a wide variety of mulch depending of course upon the species being chipped. Please call for availability and delivery options.

Custom Pricing Options

Understanding that everyone is unique, some customers prefer that we leave their property cleaner than when we arrive, others prefer a discount in favour of leaving wood or brush behind for them to dispose of at their leisure. I can customize our level of service to suit your budget.

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